Certificate in Digital Marketing “CDM”

Certificate in Digital Marketing (CDM) Overview

Certificate in Digital Marketing “CDM” is the right step if you are looking forward to gain the core knowledge, skills and techniques of Digital Marketing, delivered by our academic Professors and Expert Practitioners.

Program runs in 2 months, covering 3 modules in 64 hours. Modules are (Google Advertising “Adwords” and Media Planning, Social Media Marketing and Advertising, and Strategic Digital Marketing Planing and Analytics),  beside access several modules on DM Arts E-Learning platform.


Social Media Marketing & Advertising Track(28 Hours)
Digital Marketing Principles(4 Hours)
Google Advertising & Media Planning Track(16 Hours)
Strategic Media Planning & Analytics(12 Hours)
SMM & Advertising Track

Track Overview:

 The rules of Social Media Marketing & Advertising Track is your way to start your career as “Social Media Community Manager”. The course is a mix between the ‘Know How’ & the ‘Do How’ with 60% focusing on the ‘Do How’. The track provides you with the essentials of Social Media communication industry and its landscape where you will know the known tools and techniques for social media marketing. and how to setup your facebook campaign.

Track Content:

  • Essentials of social media marketing
  • Twitter for business
  • Facebook for business
  • LinkedIn for business
  • Marketing through other social media platforms
  • Social media community management
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Learn how to establish campaign on facebook


Digital Marketing Principles

Course Overview:

The Course of rules of online advertising and media planning is your way to start your career as “Online advertising specialist”. The course is a mix between the ‘Know How’ and the ‘Do How’ with 70% focusing on the ‘Do How’. The Course provides you with the essentials of digital advertising industry and its landscape where you will know the different types of the digital campaigns and the main components at the ads cycle.

Course Content:

In this course you will:

  •  Overview Digital marketing concepts.
  • Know the difference between digital and traditional marketing.
  • Know the difference among digital marketing channels.

Track  Overview:

GOOGLE ADVERTISING & MEDIA PLANNING track will overview of the intro, techniques & the latest tactics to establish and manage successful search engine campaign.

Track  Content:

  • Introduction to Adwords
  •  Account management
  •  Campaign and Ad group management
  •  Keyword targeting
  • Targeting (Language & location)
  • Ad formats
  •  Budgets and bidding
  •  Measurement and optimization
  •  Managing multiple accounts
  • The track will demonstrate the following
    • Digital Media Plan Template.
    • Digital Campaign TraReport

Course Overview:

Strategic Digital Marketing Planning is covering the SOSTAC model for planning.

Course Content:

  • Situation Analysis using the 5Cs model and SWOT,
  • Objectives planning using 5S model  and SMART objectives,
  • Strategy setting using the STP model and understand targeting,
  • Tactics analysis using the decision making matrix,
  • Action using the PRACE model and 3Ms,
  • Control using the KPIs and DM Metrics.
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