Content and Video Marketing Course


12 Credit Hours

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Course Overview

The Content and Video Marketing Course is your way to start your career as “Content Marketing specialist”. The course is a mix between the ‘Know How’ and the ‘Do How’ with 63% focus on the ‘Do How’.

The course will cover the different tactics for the content marketing with focusing on the top tactics like the webinars, eBooks,  applications, case studies, value added emails, green videos, comics, slide shares and infographs.

Knowledge Structure

Knowledge Structure

What will you learn

By the end of this course you will be able to do the following:

• Why the content is king and cover the inbound marketing fundamentals.
• The concepts and landscape of content marketing industry.
• The different types of media from the owned to the earned media.
• The different tactics for the content marketing.
• The top tactics such as webinars , eBooks, and green videos.

• The concept of story telling.
• The content creation techniques and its tools.
• The power of user generated content.
• The essentials of video marketing.
• The future of video technology.

Course Content

Content Marketing Fundamentals
  • Content marketing (definitions and history)
  • Media types (Owned, Paid and Earned)
  • The concepts and landscape of the CM industry
  • Using inbound marketing for lead generation
  • Top Egyptian case studies for CM
Story telling techniques
  • The concept of story telling content.
  • The essentials of the story telling covering:
    – Hero
    – Branding
    – Emotions
    – Challenge
    – Serials
    – Locations
    – Actors
    – Attention
    – Everywhere
    – All time
Tactics for Content Marketing
  • The tactics & channels for CM including:
    – Webinars
    – E-Book
    – Useful
    – Applications
    – Info graphs
    – Slide share
    – Green videos
Content Creation techniques
  • The best tools for content creation.
  • The content management systems (CMS).
  • User generated content (UGC).
Video Marketing
  • Essentials of video marketing.
  • Fundamentals of YouTube and Vemo.
  • Augmented Reality video (AR).
  • Interactive cinema and video.
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