Marketing Automation & Leads Management Course


12 Credit Hours

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Course overview

Marketing Automation & Leads Management  Course is what every Manager needs in the field of Marketing, Media or Digital to perform a successful fully integrated digital campaign.

Course Outline

Marketing Automation (MA) Landscape and Features
• Why you need marketing automation solution.
• Marketing automation definition and landscape.
• Marketing automation benefits for sales and marketing.
• The must be features and components in MA.
• Discover MA top service providers and compare them.
• Management of lead life cycle.
• Customer relation management (CRM) essentials
Email Marketing for Better Customer Retention
• Email designed template and optimization.
• Automated triggered email communication.
How to Design Integrated Digital Marketing Communication User Journey
• User journey builder essentials and its components.
• A step by step guide for how to design the perfect journey.
• Case study on predefined user journey scenarios.
What is Lead Scoring and its Mechanism
• Why does business need lead scoring?
• Getting star ted with lead scoring
• Explicit and implicit scoring basics
• How to setup y our scoring list ( demographic)
• Online body language (behavioral) scoring
• Bad behaviors (implicit data) scoring
• Case study on applying lead scoring on several systems
Lead Nurturing for Better Conversion
• Lead nurturing definition and its essentials.
• Lead nurturing stages t o generate more sales.
Personalized Real Time (PRT) Content for Your Landing Pages
• Why PRT content can change y our conversation rate.
• Content optimization system components and how it work.
• Best practices for implementation PR T content.
Future of Customer Relation Management
• The future of social CRM.
• LinkedIn CRM “Sales Navigator ”.
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