Search Engine Optimization – SEO Course


12 Credit Hours

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Course overview

Search Engine Optimization – SEO Course helps you boost your inbound marketing and get more visitors organically. This course is useful for:

Performance Ads Team / Digital Marketing Team / Branding Team

Course Outline

Overview of Search Engine Optimization
• What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
• Reading a search engine results page.
• How SEO affects your business.
• Setting SEO expectations.
Keywords: The Foundation of SEO
• Why you need a keyword research plan.
• Ho w t o research keywords.
• Tools t o help you analyze keywords.
• Understanding keyword attributes.
• Understanding keyword distribution.
• Ongoing keyword e valuation.
Content Optimization: How Search Engines and People View Web Pages
• Understanding content optimization.
• Optimizing f or sit e structure.
• Recognizing different types of content.
• Optimizing textual page elements .
• Optimizing non-text components of a web page.
• Analyzing content quality.
• Exploring the benefits of user-generated content.
Content Optimization: Technical SEO
• Interpreting the code behind web pages .
• Understanding how search engines index content.
• Working with canonical URLs and redirects.
• Leveraging micro formats.
• Working with server-side factors.
• Using Google Webmaster Tools.
• Using Bing Webmaster Tools.
Long-Term Content Planning
• Overview of long-term content strategizing.
• Planning a successful content strategy and avoiding common mistakes.
• Defining y our audience, topics, angle and style.
• Understanding different types of content.
• Getting ideas f or content.
• Working with an editorial calendar.
• Promoting y our content with social media.
• Measuring content performance.
SEO for Ecommerce
• Understanding SEO and eCommerce
• Working with semantic HTML
• The technical components of eCommerce
• Exploring eCommerce information architecture
• Producing eCommerce content
• Leveraging link building and social media for eCommerce
• Adapting eCommerce websites for international audiences
Local Search
• Understanding local search.
• Understanding Google+ Local.
• Setting up and optimizing Google+ Local.
• Getting more citations .
• Getting more reviews for your business .
• Optimizing your website for local search.
International SEO
• Understanding cultural aspects of international SEO.
• Optimizing technical content for international audiences.
• Optimizing translated and localized content.
• Building links for an international audience .
• Analyzing and measuring an international SEO campaign.
• A voiding pitfalls with international SEO.



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