Social Media Marketing & Advertising


28 Credit Hours

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Track Overview

The rules of Social Media Marketing & Advertising Track is your way to start your career as “Social Media Community Manager”. The course is a mix between the ‘Know How’ & the ‘Do How’ with 60% focusing on the ‘Do How’.

The track provides you with the essentials of Social Media communication industry and its landscape where you will know the known tools and techniques for social media marketing. and how to setup your facebook campaign.

Knowledge Structure

Knowledge Structure

What will you learn

By the end of this track you will be able to do the following:

• Understand the essentials of Social Media communication and its landscape.
• Get introduced to tools and techniques for social media marketing.
• Learn how to use Twitter and its power for communication especially for customer service.
• Understand the best use of Facebook  for business and learn Facebook communication etiquette.
• Understand the Metrics and the KPIs for Facebook marketing.

• Learn how to do Facebook advertising to support your social media reach.
• Setup youFacebook Ads Manager account.
• How tsetup your campaign.
• Learn how to create content for social media using story telling techniques.
• Understand how to use LinkedIn for your business branding and communication.
• Learn how to manage social media community and best tools.


Track Content

Essentials of social media marketing
  • Social media essentials and it’s landscape.
  • Find your business perfect name on social media.
  • Essentials tools & Softwares for social media marketing.
Twitter for business
  • Discover the power of twitter for business
  • The power of #hashtag
  • Build your brand on twitter
  • Twitter communication etikat (rules)
  • Twitter for customer support
Facebook for business
  • Facebook is the new internet
  • Facebook for marketing  (accounts, groups and pages)
  • Facebook communication etikat (rules)
  • Case study – good use of Facebook marketing
  • Facebook insights and metrics
  • Facebook advertising fundamentals
LinkedIn for business
  • LinkedIn the no.1 professional network
  • LinkedIn for marketing
  • The power of skills and groups on LinkedIn
  • In mail marketing
  • Create your company page on LinkedIn
Social media community management
  • Essentials of social community management.
  • Community manager rules and responsibilities.
  • Structure of community management team.
  • Social CRM (customer relation management).
  • Posting planning (template).
  • Content creation essentials.
Performance Campaigns (Facebook Advertising Essentials)
  • Setup your Facebook Ads Manager account.
  • How to setup your campaign.
  • Essentials of campaign Structure.
  • How to Target Your Buyers.
  • Budgeting and Bidding essentials.
  • DMArts Head Office
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  • +202 235 210 28, +202 235 210 29
  • 603A City Center Building, Markam Ebid St., Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.