Strategic Media Planning & Analytics


12 Credit Hours

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Course Overview

The Course of Strategic Digital Marketing Planning is essential for all marketing managers’ positions. The course is a mix between the ‘Know How’ and the ‘Do How’ with 70% focusing on the ‘DO How’.

Knowledge Structure

Knowledge Structure

What will you learn

By the end of this course you will be able to do the following:

• Learn the essentials of the international SOSTAC media planning model.
• Do digital situation analysis covering the SWOT, PEST, and competition analysis.
• Do objective setting using the 5Ss model using SMART digital objectives.
• Development strategies including segmentation, targeting and positioning.
• Understand the core characteristics of the main digital marketing tactics.

•  Adapt social media, online ads, search, email, and mobile in your plan.
•  Implement the online media mix model to do your annual media plans.
•  Control your plan through monitoring, measuring and bench marking.
•  Using Google analytics to analyse your campaign performance.

Course Content

SOSTAC planning model essentials
  • SOSTAC planning model
Situation analysis
  • Review corporate and marketing strategy KPIs
  • SWOT analysis best practice
  • Pest factors analysis essentials
  • Competitor analysis and  market research
Objectives setting
  • How to set SMART objectives
The 5ss objectives planning model
  • Sell – grow your sales
  • Serve – add value to customers
  • Speak – get closer to customers
  • Save – reduce your costs
  • Sizzle – extend your brand online
Strategies developing
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Positioning and branding essentials
  • Using sequence & integration strategies
  • Acquisition versus retention strategy
Tactics developing
  • The different digital tactics to reach online customers
Channels characteristics for planning
  • Online presence rules
  • Social media marketing characteristics
  • Online advertising characteristics
  • Search engine marketing characteristics
  • Mobile marketing characteristics
  • Email marketing characteristics
  • Content marketing characteristics
Action plan developing
  • Implementation using PRACE framework
  • Using the online media mix model
  • Developing an annual media planning
Control, measuring and monitoring
  • The standard metrics and KPIs
  • Cost per x analysis model
  • Fundamentals of Google Analytics
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