DM Arts & eMartket representing the first Digital Marketing Master of Science Degree in Egypt and MENA Region

The launch of the first program to study the Master “eMarket” in Egypt with the Academy “DMArts”

Help Egyptian companies ..altroyj Egyptian cadres and the development of the competitiveness of local products ..ohm advantages

In the virtual world .. geographical borders and the world market fell became one and the most important infrastructure challenges

Technology is nothing more than a means and a tool used for business expansion and development, and applies this concept on the Internet that can be effective and successful technological tool to expand the scope of business and promotion both at the local level, regional or global …

The “digital marketing” One of the concepts that began to spread during the last period began topped resonate as one of the innovations in the world of the digital economy, which is based on e-business, e-commerce and e-marketing … and the concept of “e-marketing” in its simplest sense is the use of the Internet as a communication channel and continue to promote products or services experts estimate that the size of the “digital marketing” in Egypt industry exceeds 500 million pounds per year, of which 100 million pounds via smart phones, which is equivalent to about 10% of the total domestic market size to spend on advertising.

In the context of increasing growth of the digital economy and broad use of the Internet to reach new horizons Egypt is keen on cooperation with major international companies to ensure that its message to markets around the world and with a clear evolution of the advertising and promotion of the electronic industry and signed a digital marketing Arts Academy “DMArts” partnership with the University of agreement “DIT” Ireland, which has about 23 faculty variety which is equivalent to performing the same role played by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology “MIT” in the United States of America, whereby master grants in the field of e-marketing “eMarket” for Drasen in Egypt and the Middle East.

The activation of this cooperation visited Egypt recently Dr. Paul Sullivan, vice president of the University “DIT” Ireland, to launch the first course of about 15 schools and was for “digital world” this meeting to learn more about Eralndeh experience in the field of localization of workmanship of information technology and opportunities that allows Mvhm ” e-marketing “and the challenges facing the expansion of its development locally and regionally.

Certificate documented

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We know perfectly the importance of continuing our role in raising awareness of the uses of “digital marketing” in line with global trends, and we are working according to an ambitious plan in the field of training to reach the largest number of the target population during the current year so is to launch its first course for a master’s in e-marketing, in cooperation between the University “DIT” Academy “DMArts” in Egypt, as it reaches the school for two years and gets under which the trainee is accredited University “DIT” certificate in front of him opened up new horizons for the work of a profitable and rewarding.

He added seek through these courses to highlight the role of social networks in improving government performance, and the importance of digital platforms as a lifeline for small and medium businesses, and help marketing managers and strategies in companies big economic entities to adopt systems and digital tools and innovative marketing of products and projects to reach target audiences recipient of the advertising message.

We can say that the future presence in the Egyptian market strategy and Tnimh “digital marketing, based on three main axes first is education and the development of basic skills and human cadres through expansion in organizing courses and courses specialized training, which depends newest and most exciting new technologies. Second, the transfer of global expertise through regular seminars and workshops, and thirdly access to all that is new and keep up with global changes, particularly commercial vehicles Eralndeh successful in attracting all global iT companies to set up their regional centers in Airalnda employs thousands of Almturien and youth.

“The digital marketing” has become a major force driving economic growth in light of radical changes taking place in the global economy in line with the imposed globalization of openness and overlap in all areas and has become the geographical border between the states of the virtual world everything from history.

Opportunities and benefits

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We explained we will work on developing the capacity of large companies large economic entities on the most important and the latest technology electronic and fashions in the field of marketing, depending on the new revolution in the growth of the use of social networking rates as the small and medium-sized companies will have a big position to maximize the benefit from the “digital marketing” to support their competitiveness in markets and promote products and services.

He can identify an immense benefits and opportunities provided by the digital marketing to institutions and companies in several points, the first of access to international markets, the provision of goods and services according to customers’ needs, get Tvaeilih product development information, lower costs, flexible pricing, the use of forms and new channels of distribution as well as supporting and activating the administration relationships with customers.

Our cooperation with the Academy “digital marketing arts” as well as the Institute “iTi” is to help Egypt to be a regional hub for the manufacture of digital marketing in the region, especially in light of the availability of a wealth of human minds and which has language capabilities and talent to communicate and through training on some of the programs and courses that we offer in digital marketing can maximize the utilization of these resources significantly Gao, which can be converted to an innovative means of the tourist attractions and the promotion of archaeological sites can also become a major tool for building a global Brand Nimes to Egypt in several areas.

We are targeting through Almaiggstr training and the definition of the principles of digital media and marketing skills to manage campaigns across social networks and on the hands of a group of industry experts and specialists University “DIT” at the University of


Despite the large and diverse opportunities in light of the trend toward globalization, but there are some difficulties that limit the use of e-marketing and take advantage of it and can identify the most important of these challenges, especially in developing countries in general, most notably the absence of the necessary infrastructure for this type of modern trade, especially the expansion of the deployment broadband, blurred vision of the future of e-commerce solutions to the corporate managers, as well as the fear of some of the confidentiality and privacy of e-business dealings, and the lack of confidence in the electronic payment.

Economic development

This is intended to move the Egyptian economy and create thousands of new jobs for young people and to attract foreign direct and indirect investment presence in this market Aldkhmy as Egypt could be a regional center, where the digital marketing its effectiveness more than 10-fold from the traditional marketing tools, and the study Foundation “Nielsen” Consulting and research forecast that digital marketing rate in Egypt is growing by 50% a year, as we work to connect the digital marketing industry with many new technologies, which notably the Internet of things and its impact on the future of digital marketing, as well as to guide users of the technology that can be worn and digital solutions linked to promotional and advertising messages.