Professional Digital Marketing Diploma

Invest 3 months of your time and your life could change

In 100 hours you will learn the secretes of digital marketing

10 Modules (6 class room modules + 3 CBT modules) + Project

Professional Digital Marketing Diploma

DM Arts team believes that Digital Marketing is a special blend of Arts & Science and no amount of formal schooling can teach you the experience, intuition and the creativity to be a truly gifted Digital Marketer. Therefore, we differentiate ourselves as being able to provide you with the right tools & techniques to show your individual flair. Moreover, our training environment provides you with the opportunity to unleash your creativity and hidden talents.

DMArts Professional Digital Marketing Diploma’s Objective is to provide you with the needed mix of the Know How and the Do How beside the required skills, techniques and tools to be able to develop a fully professional integrated digital marketing according to the international standards and latest trends covering the following modules:

Foundation Phase:

Digital Marketing Orientation(4 Hours),

Google Advertising (AdWords) & Media Planning (24 Hours),

Social Media Marketing & Advertising  (24 Hours),

Strategic Digital Marketing Planning & Analytics (12 Hours),

Professional Phase:

Mobile Marketing  (12 Hours)

Marketing Automation  (12 Hours),

Search Engine Optimization “SEO”  (12 Hours)

Applied Project

Computer Based Training:

Twitter Advertising   (CBT)

LinkedIn Advertising   (CBT)

Email Marketing  (CBT)

Customer Relation Management “CRM” (CBT)

Who Should Join Diploma Program?

Our Professional Digital Marketing Diploma is the right step for anyone with a role in the strategy planning, content creating, implementation, or outcomes monitoring of digital marketing activities & plans that need to develop his/her career – or anyone who would like to start his career in digital marketing and need to gain the core knowledge, skills, practices and techniques from foundation phase till professionalization & take off phase.

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Social media marketing & Advertising Track

This Module in the professional digital marketing diploma will tackle the social media essentials (history & definitions) while covering the entire social media comm. landscape. The trainee will be able to discover the power of Facebook & Twitter Marketing, their Comm., Etiquette, and their significant effect on business. Finally, the trainee will be able to practice Marketing through other important social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Learn how to establish campaign on facebook.

Digital Marketing Principles

Course Content:

In this course you will:

  •  Overview Digital marketing concepts.
  • Know the difference between digital and traditional marketing.
  • Know the difference among digital marketing channels.
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation process is the latest technology worldwide joined the digital marketing in order to align marketing and sales processes through effective demand generation and lead management, this module in the professional digital marketing diploma will help you to know how to attract and keep customers through selecting the right marketing automation solution with understanding all available solution and selecting the right one that fit with your strategy.

You will learn how to implement a successful marketing automation process that improves your response rates, your customer journey and your ROI.

Strategic Digital Marketing Planning & Analytics

This Module in the professional digital marketing diploma will cover the essentials of strategic digital media planning. The trainee will be able to learn and implement the international SOSTAC media-planning model. Moreover, the trainee will be able to do a digital situation analysis, develop campaign objectives, develop media strategies, and finally control campaign performance. This section cannot be emphasized enough because planning is the root of all digital marketing


Mobile Marketing

No one can deny that mobile is the next big thing in Digital marketing. Therefore, this module in the professional digital marketing diploma will mainly cover the current trends, and tactics for mobile marketing. More interesting topics will also be discussed such as Geo marketing and in game advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

This module is one of the most focused modules in the professional digital marketing diploma to understand how to measure, monitor and optimize your digital marketing campaigns, as well as set up accounts & goals, understand tracking codes and reporting metrics, analyze how different AdWords campaigns are working, understand conversion analysis and develop your skills in advertising & engagement reporting.


Track  Overview:

GOOGLE ADVERTISING & MEDIA PLANNING track will overview of the intro, techniques & the latest tactics to establish and manage successful search engine campaign.

Track  Content:

  • Introduction to Adwords
  •  Account management
  •  Campaign and Ad group management
  •  Keyword targeting
  • Targeting (Language & location)
  • Ad formats
  •  Budgets and bidding
  •  Measurement and optimization
  •  Managing multiple accounts
  • The track will demonstrate the following
    • Digital Media Plan Template.
    • Digital Campaign TraReport
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