Digital Marketing Arts Academy (DM Arts)

Digital Marketing Arts Academy is Egypt’s and MENA’s leading professional Academy in the education & training of Digital Marketing field. Working hardly through international best selling books’ authors, academic professors, and expert-practitioners in order to deliver the:


  • Do How Skills & Experience(needed skills and techniques for effective implementation through training courses, diplomas programs, and E-Learning)
  • Knowledge(latest trends and practices through seminars, conferences, boot camps, and summits ),
  • Science(theory & Methodology through scientific degree like Master Of Science),


For supporting individuals to be qualified for: thinking, planning, creating, effectively implementing, Managing, and Monitoring digital media plans, as well as organizations to: develop their digital marketing teams’ performance in order to achieve planned digital marketing team goals through corporate customized training courses, on the other hand giving the chance for organizations to sponsor their digital marketing team members’ postgraduate degrees to be within their employees’ retention program.


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What Sets Us Apart?

Formal Digital Marketing Education can only provide a trainee with a framework and a vocabulary to tackle Digital marketing challenges. However, we believe that Digital Marketing is a special blend of Arts & Science and no amount of formal schooling can teach you the experience, intuition and the creativity to be a truly gifted Digital Marketer. Therefore, we differentiate ourselves as being able to provide our trainees with the right tools & techniques to show their individual flair. Moreover, our training environment provides our trainees with the opportunity to unleash their creativity and hidden talents.

Learn the rules like a professional then break them like an artist

Pablo Picasso


I selected the Digital Marketing Arts Academy as they are simply the best academy in the Middle East, helping professionals across the region become world-class digital marketers.Paul
I had an amazing time in Egypt with the Digital Marketing Arts Academy. Their organization is first-rate, and their people are smart and friendly. Not only did I run a two day workshop, with genuinely awesome attendees, but DM Arts Academy also scheduled a day for me to work with Vodafone Egypt’s 27-person social media department and everybody there got great value, including me!Brian
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