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Events – Digital Marketing Arts

The cornerstone of ‘Dm Arts’ is the power of exchanging priceless knowledge via all the possible means. For this reason, we highly appreciate the value of events and conferences for being a golden opportunity for getting to meet supreme speakers who made a significant impact in the digital marketing industry.
Since 2012, we are proudly hosted cross-cultural events &conferences with first-class speakers worldwide

Social media & online Advertising Conference
the rules of digital marketing Seminar
the rules of Digital-Marketing Seminar2 (Cairo)
Mobile Marketing & E-commerce conference (Cairo)
Digital marketing planning-Camp (Sharm)
Digital marketing planning-Camp (Sharm)
The Rules of Digital-Marketing Seminar (Doha)
Digital marketing Planning-Seminar
facebook Marketing-workshop (Cairo)
Mobile marketing seminar by PR Smith (Cairo)
Mobile Marketing & E-Commerce seminar
Digital Marketing Boot Camp (Sharm)
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