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DM Arts Provides more than 15 different courses in Digital Marketing to fulfil all your needs whether for beginners or professionals. We cover all digital marketing channels including Social Media Platforms, Google products, email, and all the recognized digital communication ones.
DM Arts team designed 2 full-fledged programs CDM (Certificate in Digital Marketing) & PDM (Professional Digital Marketing Diploma); each program includes 5 modules in 60 hours long and covers 20 essential digital marketing skills.

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Why DM Arts Academy?



since 2012, we’ve paved a digital way before a tremendous number of marketers, career shifters, business owners, etc. “DM Arts” well- deserved its place as the leading digital marketing training academy in the MENA region.


Two branches besides interactive online training will facilitate your path of acquiring digital knowledge.

Hands-on experience:

‘DMArts’ provides the trainees the know-how & Do-how experience; you’ll get the grips of all the essential tools and techniques.


DM arts family are marketing-oriented; we constantly set the seal on delivering the latest updates concerning digital marketing.

Real-life experience:

Our trainers are industry experts with relevant professional background to nourish your educational journey. DM Arts trainee will build a three-dimensional infrastructure: Know-how, Do-how & work experience.

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October 26, 2020

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What People Say

How real people said about Digital Marketing Arts Academy (DM Arts).

Ehab kashty

Ehab Kashty

great place, great people, great experience
thank you for course lead generation😍😍

Brain carter

Brain Carter

I had an amazing time at Egypt with the Digital Marketing Arts Academy. Their Organization is first rate and their people are smart and friendly. Not only did I run a two day of workshop, with genuinely awesome attendees, but DM Arts Academy also scheduled a day with me to work with Vodafone Egypt’s 27 person social media department, and everybody there got great value, including me!

Pual smith

Paul Smith

I selected digital marketing Arts Academy as they are simply the best academy in the Middle East, Helping Professionals across the reign become world-Class Digital Marketers.

Alaa Osama

Alaa Osama

Great place, Great people, Great experience
I gained years of experience in digital marketing throughout my diploma at DM Arts Academy …with their expert trainers and professional stuff.
Thank you and keep it up

Mohamed Shaarawy

Mohamed Sharaawy

It was Extremely good experience to have my Digital Marketing Diploma with DM Academy, helpful team & experienced trainers , they exposed us to different case studies that positively helped me at my business. Thanks DM Art.

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